Hushed Trial (English)

Hushed Trial (English)


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Custom Delivery

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The Deal

  • Get a second phone number for FREE
  • Number expires in 7 Days
  • 20 mins and 50 SMS included! - Top up anytime

"A viable, more lightweight alternative to something like Google Voice." - TechCrunch

About Hushed

THE PROBLEM - Hushed App tackles the privacy problem that exists today when giving out personal phone numbers. The App enables you to have a dedicated phone number for different parts of your life.

THE REASON YOU NEED THIS - Mess with your friends, safely give your number to strange people you meet at the bar/online, or even use it to better run your business.

THE SOLUTION - Make calls, send texts and photos, even set up a personalized voicemail for your Hushed phone number. Hushed App lets you add a second, (or third) phone number to your smartphone. The iPhone and Android app lets clients manage multiple local and foreign numbers on one device, all without the hassle of multiple SIM cards. Hushed App features secure cloud technology combined with an intuitive call, text, and messaging manager. For those on the go, Hushed App works within data, cellular, and WiFi networks, ensuring you never miss a call. No phone plan needed

HushedApp Demo from HushedAppEric on Vimeo.

Hushed Trial

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: Requires iOS 8.1 or later. 

For Android: Requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

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