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Start encouraging a culture of process in your classrooms today.  Get a 12 month account with our cloud product, Blueworks Live.  If you like it, come back and order it again in 10 months to ensure your access never slips.  Your students will be able to order a 6 month account in support of the class as needed.
Why Blueworks Live?  It is a standardized platform that is purpose built to document, model, and improve business processes.  It has over 1200 customers and beyond a million processes documented.  Blueworks Live provides an evergreen repository for the latest business process information.
Get hands on experience with the product many enterprises use today and help your students be effective upon graduation by using it too.  There are tutorials built into the platform to help both you and your students use the power of the platform.
IBM Blueworks Live is a cloud-based business process management tool that lets you discover, design, automate and manage business processes for your organization. It’s easy to use and accessible anywhere through a browser. You can have a process tool built and running in as little as 90 seconds.
IBM Blueworks Live allows you to automate processes that are currently run via email.
Streamline process management
  • Access communities focused on process improvement.
  • Get started quickly with no training required. Enter in each step of your process, drag and drop the boxes to reorder the flow, and then automatically generate a process diagram with one click.
  • See changes in real-time as your team updates process information. Social media-style collaboration lets you follow items of interest and receive notifications when items you're following change.
  • Access over 200 process model templates that are available for download in a wide range of industries and functions. Import the model that most closely resembles your own process and start editing and adapting it immediately.
Experience easy-to-understand process models
  • Provides easy and intuitive process modeling.
  • Discovers, maps and documents your processes in a way that is structured and usable by anyone in your company.
  • Enables anybody who views the process model to understand the business process without additional explanation.
  • Provides tutorial videos that guide you through creating and editing a simple process model, allowing you to learn process modeling in 10 minutes.
Improve team effectiveness
  • Keep your team connected, on the same page and working effectively.
  • Store models in a central repository and eliminate version control and consistency issues.
  • Chat with colleagues without leaving the application, follow the items you care most about, and share ideas about process models by posting comments.
  • Keep teams in sync with a central, shared repository of all business processes that's always up to date.
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