Data Connect on IBM Cloud Promo Code - 6 Month Trial

Data Connect on IBM Cloud Promo Code - 6 Month Trial


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IBM Cloud Data Connect, formerly DataWorks, is a self-service data preparation and integration service for users to access and prepare their data for analytics.
IBM Cloud Data Connect is a fully managed self-service data preparation and movement service that enables you to streamline your analytics and application development projects to deliver insights faster and with increased accuracy. It provides a wide range of data access connectors to your most essential data sources so you can explore, combine, and shape your data to prepare it for analytics. Use it to positively impact the way your organization leverages valuable data resources - all from the convenience of the cloud.
NOTE: Each user can only request one IBM Cloud promotion code. If you already have a cloud access promotion code in your shopping cart, you will not be able to add another. With IBM Cloud you have a single platform in the cloud that will enable you to develop your own solutions using a wide range of IBM services and APIs, including big data, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Watson, mobile, security and more.


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