Spark on IBM Cloud Promo Code - 12 Month Trial

Spark on IBM Cloud Promo Code - 12 Month Trial


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Apache Spark is an open source cluster computing framework optimized for extremely fast and large scale data processing, which you can access via the newly integrated notebook interface IBM Analytics for Apache Spark. You can connect to your existing data sources or take advantage of the on-demand big data optimization of Object Storage. Spark plans are based on the maximum number of executors available to process your analytic jobs. Executors exist only as long as they're needed for processing, so you're charged only for processing done.
Incredibly Fast
Apache Spark delivers 100x the performance of Apache Hadoop for certain workloads because of its advanced in-memory computing engine.
Easy to Use and Powerful
Apache Spark's Streaming and SQL programming models backed by MLlib and GraphX make it incredibly easy for developers and data scientists to build apps that exploit machine learning and graph analytics. Because the service is 100% compatible with Apache Spark, developers can build their apps and run them against the IBM managed service to benefit from operational, maintenance, and hardware excellence.
Convenient Data Storage
Object Storage enables a convenient way to upload your data from a file for immediate use by your Spark instance. You can set up Object Storage directly from the Spark service interface.
NOTE: Each user can only request one IBM Cloud promotion code. If you already have a cloud access promotion code in your shopping cart, you will not be able to add another. With IBM Cloud you have a single platform in the cloud that will enable you to develop your own solutions using a wide range of IBM services and APIs, including big data, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Watson, mobile, security and more.
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